Indepal - Asher Pouch

Asher Pouch 

Asher pouches are super versatile for everyone to use.

For the ladies they can be a small purse to carry credit cards and cash, jewelry, keys, and any other small items.   Perfect for travel or those days when you just want to carry something small....  freedom... 

Guys like the tan as it's in a rustic and raw leather - they use them to carry credit cards, business cards, ear pieces etc.

Small, functional and funky with lots of colour and finish options.

Our customers say they love the size and how it feels to use.  "It's perfect to tuck a credit card and small amount of cash in for those lazy afternoon strolls". 

Size: 12.5 cm x 1 cm x 10 cm Dusty Antique

Inside is a open sleeve for credits cards.